Thursday, 2 February 2012

Technology Showcase- Digital Storytelling

Last Friday, I attended the technology showcase at Brock! I had a wonderful time, I presented on digital storytelling in the classroom As promised, here area list of the digital story telling websites we talked about and many we didn't look at!
A website which allows for students avatars to read written work back to them.

A comic resource for those of us who don't have access to bit strip

Upload your work and record your own voice

Record your voice and manipulate the photos mouth

Digital Storytelling- write your words and upload your drawings

A picture slideshow with running commentary. Upload your photos and write captions about them to tell your story

A pop-up book for story telling

upload a picture and write a blurb describing your photo adventure

Create Cartoons!

Sketch your own comics

Great for the P/J/I

Digital Storytelling website (see post below)

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