Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Micro Teaching #2....Using Prezi!

I had my second micro teaching lesson today. I did a 15 minute lesson on the youth and entertainment during 1920s. I was determined to implement some technology into my lesson plan this time because last time I fell short. I decided it was time experiment a little bit, move out of my power point comfort zone and try doing a Prezi. My efforts proved to be very successful, my classmates commented on how the effects were very eye catching and entertaining. In addition, I experimented with importing some u tube clips and showed a Charlie Chaplin silent film and a mash up of the “Charleston”. For my first prezi, I think it was a pretty eye-catching presentation and I’m proud of my efforts!

After my presentation, I had the class do a little slang activity. Rather than have them write a letter (which was done when I was in grade 10), I decided I would implement something they would be used to. I gave them a photocopy of a blank cell phone and told them they would be writing me a text message that would be no more than 5 sentences. They would be responsible for using 1920s slang words and incorporating something about fashion, film or dance.  It was a fun activity for them to do and because I said “text message” I think it was even more appealing. For homework, my hypothetical class would be responsible for posting their text messages to our class’s blog and answering one of the two questions which I would have posted.

All in all, I was pretty happy with my attempts at implementing technology into the classroom. I’m very excited to continue experimenting and to bring more technology into my own classroom when I head out to teach!