Thursday, 2 February 2012

Technology Showcase Jan 27

In addition to presenting at the tech showcase (see post below), I was also able to attend a session on the Livescribe Pen and Bit Strips. I was able to use my pen and get a taste of what the livescribe can do and how it can be used in the classroom. I think it is an amazing tool, but it needs to be used in numbers. No more then a group of 4 can use the pen to its full potential. For literacy, its a great tool for wordwalls, literacy circles, and to assist those students who have trouble processing oral information. Below is a pencast that the presenters Lisa Molnar and Krystal Kay created for us.

In the bitstrips session that I attended I got a bunch more then just bitstrips. Below are some weblinks the presenters shared with us, that are great tools for everyone to use!

This website was one of the coolest discoveries of the day! It is very similar to google docs, but it is a real time document. It's ideal for teachers because the students are given a totally random link (preventing just anyone from joining) and each student that enters is given a different colour. This allows us to see what the students are writing (great for seeing who is contributing in group work) and for assessment!

 Soungle and Royalty Free Music
Are websites where you can download sound effects and music. They are free and are licensed

Is a fun website that a student shared with one of the presenters. It appears you can do a lot with the website, you just have to play around with it.


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