Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Scribblitt...heard of it?

 Scribblitt what a wonderful children's story website! I created a children's story assignment which I would give to a grade 9 or 10 class using scribblitt. I got to dabble with the tools that the website offered and discovered that its a wonderful and SAFE tool for students to use.
-If your under the age of 13 you need a parents email in order to join the website.
-You are required to create a pen name, which allows your students to keep their personal information safe
-You can choose to post your story to the public library, which only scribblitt members can view
-The website allows you to write a traditional story, an illustration story, or a comic strip
-The website offers pre-writing activities and brainstorming ideas for the students to use
-It even gives you the option to publish your stories and get the "experts" opinions on your writing 

The limits:
-You can only professionally print them in the states
-All of your students would need to create a scribblitt account
-Internet access and access to computers is essential if you want to use it in the classroom

If you would like to check out my scribblitt, it's in the public library under "Children's Story: Unit 3"

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