Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Time Toast: Milestone Lesson Continued

After I gave the class a brief introduction to the Milestones of Islam through my Story Bird (see previous post) I showed them a made up timeline on time toast which went through the three Milestones in Islam: birth, marriage and death. Once they were able to grasp the concept that this timeline was not real and did not depict my life, they were very interactive and engaged. They really liked the photos that time toast allows you to upload. I provided the class with a graphic organizer which told them the three milestones and listed any important ceremonies within those milestones. The students were responsible for providing the details of the events.

After sharing my timeline with them, I had the class create their own timeline where they used the text and the information on their note. They had class time and were responsible fore completing the timeline for homework if it wasn't finished. It was a great lesson, which they had a lot of fun with. I loved it because I was able to explore two different technological tools in the classroom and both were met with success!


  1. Wow, good find Kirsten. I have been looking for a cool timeline website and this one is great. Thanks!!!

  2. Anytime! Zoe actually hooked me up with it, I can't take credit...but glad to share!