Friday, 25 November 2011

Google Site

Hello Friends,

For my technology class we had to create a Google Site which could be used a resource. My Google Site, Holloway's History is a resource geared towards an audience of teachers or teacher candidates. When we started creating the site I thought I would like to make a history webpage, but found out that my first placement would be in a World Religions classroom. I decided that I didn't have enough background knowledge to create a website for a World Religions class and instead I wanted to share my resources with the teaching world so they may use them in their own classrooms.

Holloway's History can be used to enhance student learning in the classroom because it is a site where resources can be found in one place. Under the resource tab I've listed a variety of websites which have been created by Canadian teachers and approved by the Ministry of Ontario.  In addition, to these sites, teachers will find resources which I have already used like time toast and story bird to enhance student learning. These types of websites can be used as a teaching tool, but they may also be used for student based projects! Lastly, I have listed some resources which I have gathered from other teachers (and their blogs)who are up to date in technology, namely Anne Shillio and Doug Pete.

Holloway's History does have its limitations. Being new to technology, there are many more resources out there which could be included in the site. In addition, I have not had a chance to try all of the websites in a classroom setting. I have looked at them all, but have not practiced each and every one which makes it impossible to give an accurate depiction of the websites. Furthermore, I am new to teaching and though I am proud of the lessons and the lesson plans I have created, they may not meet everyone's needs. Lastly, the lesson plans are geared toward the World Religions Class. As I teach more classes I will make sure to update the site, but for now it is limited to World Religions material.

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