Thursday, 8 September 2011

Thoughts on Technology in Education

When I tell people I’m taking an optional course, they always ask me why I want to burden myself with extra courses. My response is always that it isn’t a burden if you’re interested in the topic you’re taking. I opted to take 8Y59: 21st Century Learning- Teaching the Digital Generation because I’m completely aware that the children in my classroom will be up to date with the current technology. I would like to prepare myself so I can be as up to date as possible.  I took this course, so I could learn ways of integrating technology into my classrooms. 

Wordle: 21st century learning
It’s my belief that technology should be implemented in the classrooms. The students we will be teaching are interested in technology! Since we have found something they like, we should implement it in our teaching practices in order to keep them more interested. Half of teaching is learning about your students, finding out what they like, and using this information to keep them engaged in the classroom. We already know that high school students are interested in technology, therefore, we should do our very best to use it in our classrooms. My wordle up above describes some of the new devices and approaches we should be implementing into our own classrooms one day.

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