Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Google, how I love thee

I had a group presentation today, and we did our whole presentation collaboratively on Google docs! It was such a great tool to be able to access from anywhere and all of us could use it. We accessed our power point through the internet! No need to bring in a USB or our own computer... It was there waiting for us. Where were Google documents when I was in high school? I can just imagine how much more simple group projects would have been if we could have used Google documents. How easy would homework have been in group projects if we could have all worked together through Google documents? Thank you Zoe for introducing me to this amazing Google tool that I can use in my classroom! How great is it that you can monitor recent activity and find out just how much work is being posted by different members of the group. If you haven’t tried Google documents, do it NOW! 

I'm also a fan of the igoogle website. I've got my website set up mostly for keeping track of my fellow peers blogging websites. It updates the latest posts they created. It's a great place to keep all of my information in one place! Not to mention it has all sorts of neat gadgets. I have one that gives me a new quote every time I go online, I can play hangman, get the weather, a joke, and some useless knowledge! It's a great tool to enjoy! 

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  1. Awesome stuff Kristen. There is nothing better then discovering how these tools can help us. That is when we - as teachers- make the best connections on how they help our students.