Tuesday, 27 September 2011

12 Most Important Things

In many of my classes we have been talking about what qualities the best teachers have. When my classmates and I toss around ideas our list of qualities looked something like this: fair, knowledgeable, gives specific expectations, effective communicator, and interesting. According to my psychology text book, the top five things students’ love the most about teachers are when they have a sense of humour, make class interesting, are knowledge, able to explain things clearly and spend time helping students. 12 most important things

While I’m sure my textbook has lots of research to back up its statements, it turns out it’s those small things that we do which students notice and love the most.  My Virtual Associate Teacher had this link on her blog about the 12 most important things children want from their teachers. All of the things on the list seem like common sense, yet when my class was listing off qualities we didn’t hit very many of them. It put a smile on my face to read them...I got to see how my simple actions will make all the difference in the classroom!

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